Ideas, Projects, Content: in a single word, value.

We strongly believe in the power of ideas. Even more when it comes to digital and social media. Ideas and strategies behind them make the difference in the way companies live and act in the social environment.

Our digital services
Strategic consultancy for brands, company and small businesses // Communication Strategy

Creating a strategy for the digital world is connecting the dots between goals, assets, people’s need that we are going to satisfy with what we do and opportunities. Creating a strategy presumes having clearly a vision of the scenery we wish to reach; it is putting this on top (like it’s a drawing) of the current scenery, analyzing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats…elements that sometimes the client is not completely aware of. Defining a communication strategy is creating a roadmap to reach our organizational objectives.

Content Strategy // Content Curation // Content Marketing

Content marketing is a branch of digital marketing, focused on the creation and distribution of relevant and compelling quality content to potential consumers. Content marketing can be developed in various forms: brochures, blog posts, infographics, images, newsletters, videos, social media content, etc, and each of these single peaces of content can turn into a lead magnet for specific segments of audience. When it comes to a communication project, it’s all about the importance of themed-content in order to show commercial products and services through new different and worthy perspectives.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is much more than just posting on social platforms. It deals with activities like defining a specific social media strategy for each channel selected, creating an editorial plan, community management, management of advertising campaigns and reports.