In an ever-changing world, communicating culture means more and more that culture is a powerful tool for communicating business.

We help cultural organizations to connect dots and create their strategy for reaching new audiences in an empathetic way.


Content is brands’ most essential resource. It is the primary differentiator among brands and cultural organizations are not exceptions. Yet cultural actors, like museums, artists, galleries, theatres, organizations dealing with design and architecture (just to mention some of them as the list is much longer) are at the forefront of an evolution that involves not just how the cultural world communicates itself, but also the fact that the cultural content turns into a tool for communicating any kind of brands and companies from an empathetic perspective.

Content is a strategic matter, even more when talking about “arts&culture companies”. At Very Creative People, we know that advantages in terms of brand awareness, visits and engagements as well as strategic partnerships are a natural consequence to the application of content marketing logics.

If you want to give life to a cultural thematic project for communicating your activity while strengthening your position as influencer and value diffuser, please contact us. We will be more than happy to help you connecting hidden dots and unveiling brand new opportunities.